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Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat started out as a dream of two veterans…a paralyzed Air Force veteran,

Chuck Evancevich, confined to a wheelchair and a disabled Army combat veteran, Bret Sample.


Having served 21 years in the US Army, and being a weapons specialist, Bret's dream has always been to build a rifle, pistol and archery range. He wanted it to be for veterans so they would have a place to go and continue to build on the bonds that all veterans share regardless of when or where they served. It has always been Bret's passion to give back to all of his brothers and sisters in arms.

Chuck spent the last twelve years of his life confined to a wheelchair. Life as he knew it, as for all who are disabled, changed drastically. Things that were taken for granted before being disabled became gigantic feats or impossible. Life became something that was watched on the sidelines. He grew up in the outdoors, hunting and fishing. But after becoming paralyzed, he was unable to do the things he loved. Allan Porisch, his brother-in-law, helped to get him out in the woods hunting for the last three years of his life. Chuck and Allan dreamed of building a hunting retreat with a handicap accessible lodge and hunting blinds for all disabled people to go experience that freedom again. Sadly we lost my brother Chuck in October 2020.

Bret went to Chuck's widow, Brenda, after his passing, and told her he wanted to build a shooting range in memory of Chuck. She agreed, but on one condition, that they too could be involved. A team was formed with the same passion and desire of fulfilling both dreams and the two dreams were melded into one, Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat.


Our goal is to make it possible for any veteran in a wheelchair, amputee or disabled, for that matter any disabled person to enjoy the same outdoor activities as able bodied people. They have earned, and deserve, the right to enjoy these God given activities that we take for granted. Our goal is to make Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat a place where they don’t have to think about being disabled, a place for them to have the freedom to enjoy a simple pleasure in life with no limitations.

We believe that not only will Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat give them the ability to use ranges for rifles, pistols and archery that are accessible but the opportunity for fellowship and camaraderie. What a wonderful way to build a great support system with one another and to mentor those who have lost so much.


They stood on the wall for us…now it is time to let them know they are not forgotten, they ARE our Forgotten Heroes.


The Board
of Directors

All Board of Directors are 100% Volunteers

President: Bret Sample

Vice President: Brenda Evancevich

Treasurer: Ashley Marsyla

Secretary: Brenda Evancevich

Director: Allan Porisch

Director: Brandon Evancevich

Director: Neil Sample
Director: Daniel Guida

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