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In Memory of One, In Honor of All

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Forgotten Heroes Ranges and Retreat Mission Statement


Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to empowering disabled veterans and individuals, who are no longer able to actively participate in outdoor activities due to their limitations. This includes archery and marksmanship via rifle and pistol shooting. Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat will support all those who are disabled by providing a venue specifically designed to accommodate them through sponsorship at no cost to them.

Our mission priority is to all disabled veterans, anyone who is handicapped, law enforcement, first responders and all the families and caretakers. Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat exists to serve ALL our country’s disabled veterans and anyone who is disabled by providing a place of outdoor recreation, camaraderie and refuge.

Mission Intent:

What makes Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat unique is that we reach out and network with others in the handicapped community to serve those disabled and most in need of outdoor activities, building relationships and assisting handicapped individuals by providing a place to participate in marksmanship, camaraderie and mentorship to each other.

Mission Key Task:

1. Live and operate Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat by the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

2. Collaborate as a seven member executive board as well as with other veteran and handicapped non-profit groups on how best we can serve our disabled heroes.

3. Sustain Forgotten Heroes Ranges & Retreat by facilitating a community of hope, faith, camaraderie, mentorship and responsible citizenship to all of our disabled heroes.

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